Mirada Abierta

Coaching para Mentes Inquietas y Espíritus Libres
Coaching para Mentes Inquietas y Espíritus Libres

Discover the Power of Transformative Coaching

Bringing your talents to brilliance
Empowering you to freedom of choice

Does this resonate with you?

Age challenges

Fear of loss, of not being enough, fear of getting old overcome me.

How do I embrace my new stage?

Who am I?

Freezing Time
Creating Yourself

Professional challenges

I am starting a business and feel overwhelmed. How do I bring my idea to life?

New working environment requires adaptation and new skills. Am I the right person?

Being a woman

Facing motherhood, passions and work in a binary gender world.

Embracing feminity in leadership.


Feminine Leadership
Challenges of Being Together

Being together

Dealing with conflict: the win-all approach

Reaching out from within: how can my message make a difference?

How do I present myself to the world?


The fundamental foundation of coaching is creating a safe environment. A place of complete trust where you can explore and move forward.

This is the base of our commitment to coaching.

Mirada Abierta is an invitation to grow, become and connect. In your own way.

Training techniques and high impact practical tools, for long lasting learnings.

A project founded by Maria Ciuca, Seeker of perspectives

Transformative Coach and mediator.

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