Mirada Abierta Coaching para Mentes Inquietas y Espíritus Libres
Coaching para Mentes Inquietas y Espíritus Libres

About me

The search of thte Ikigai – the reason of being

How to act in alignment with the inner wellbeing and the wellbeing of others?

How is the space where the deep meaning of my own path meets the celebration of all paths?

How to act with responsability instead of reactivity, responding to life with integrity?

How is the world I imagine and how do I become the person who inhabits it?

Maria Ciuca

My professional and personal path has been and is a search of perspectives which would give meaning to these questions.

Maria Ciuca - Coach ATCP


I am a certified ACTP coach  in Spain, certification endorsed by ASESCO and ICF.

Integrating in practice the  ICF code of ethics.

I am a mediator, dedicated to non violent communication.

Coaching projects

Proudly part of the Rural Coaching team: team coaching experiences in nature.

Constantly learning

Taught to become a Transformative Presence by Coaches Rising Amsterdam.

Keeping in touch with the learnings by following conferences, webinars and courses online (in 2020: The Coaches Rising Summit, The Healing Trauma Conference, The Embodiment Conference).

Participating in the coaches community: active member of groups of coaching and transformative presence practice.

The social world

I am also a social educator, teacher and team coordinator.

Commites to contribute to community services.

Social education master degree.

Ikigai - the Reason of Being

The old path

I started off with university degrees in philosophy and law.

Was a freelance and small business owner in restauration and european tourism.